Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

To welcome all the new faces, I figured I’d introduce myself officially.

Hey y’all I’m Emma the owner of Base-ics Boutique💕 this store has been a dream of mine since I was in middle school and now here we are, doin the damn thing! When I was younger, I loved going into all the little boutiques and local shops anytime my family went somewhere new... and I thought how cool it would be to own my own shop someday. I was born and raised in Colorado, started college playing golf in Minnesota, transferred to Auburn University in Alabama to study fashion, and now I live in Florida...(I know, I'm kind of all over the place). I'm a newly married military wifey, dog mom to Asher, iced coffee lover, and beach enthusiast. Oh, and I love shopping🛍 (duh!)

I want this boutique to be about more than clothes, but about community 👯‍♀️ This blog is my outlet and a way for me to connect with all of you on a more personal level, beyond just selling cute clothes (and trust me when I say we have some CUTE stuff!!) I want you to see me, 100% authentic, usually a little sassy, sometimes a little emotional, and definitely a little crazy. So bring your besties, join the Base-ic crew, and don't forget to dress yourself, for yourself.✨


Talk soon,


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